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The legal size limit for BARRAMUNDI in the Northern Territory is 55cm however in Queensland it is 58cm.
All measurements are from nose to tip of tail.


This varies between different venues for example in the Mary River system which includes Shady Camp the take out limit has recently increased to three (3) per angler whereas the Daly River has reduced down to three (3) from it’s previous five (5). In The South Alligator and Adelaide rivers along with the Finniss river and Bynoe Harbour the limit remains at five(5) .Your fishing guide will inform you in this regard however, if in doubt or fishing without a guide always refer to the Northern Territory Fisheries website

EXCLUSION Zones and Periods

From 1st October through to 31st January each year certain Barramundi breeding areas become fishing exclusion zones two of the main ones are as follows.

From Shady Camp to the mouth and beyond of Tommycut and Sampan Creeks.

From the mouth or the Daly river to Moon Billabong outlet.

If fishing or even carrying fishing gear in these areas during this period will result in heavy fines and possible confiscation of equipment, always refer to the Fisheries website for the exact areas of exclusion zones


When a Barramundi reaches ninety centimetres (90cm) in length it changes sex and becomes a female breeder? For this reason there is an unwritten law among NT guides and conservationally conscious anglers that anything caught from 90cm upwards is quickly photographed and released.

Recently, restrictions have been introduced by Fisheries NT for a vessel limit of just one Barramundi over 90cm.

Conversely, in Western Australian waters any Barramundi caught 80cm or over must be released. Penalties apply in both WA & NT for failing to adhere to these restrictions !.